About Us

Why the Canadian Focus?

Although the members of our board have been involved with rescues for several years we had no idea just how dire the overpopulation problem is in Canada's Northern and Indigenous communities was. When we decided to start a dog rescue we began to look into different organizations to find out if there were groups out there that we could join forces with to make a real impact. We wanted to ensure that our efforts would be put to their best use.

As we began learning about the magnitude of the problem our Northern Neighbors were facing we were embarrassed. How could we devote our time day in and day out for years to saving dogs and yet be completely in the dark to such extreme conditions right in our own backyard.

The reason we didn’t know isn’t because no one is speaking out about it. The reason that we didn’t know, and you likely don’t know, is because no one is LISTENING to those that are speaking out. Volunteer organizations such as Sash-Mar Helping Northern Dogs, Flights for Hope, K9 Advocates, Iqaluit Humane Society, Save a Dog Network and countless of other groups have been working tirelessly for years to help our Northern Communities by raising awareness of the severity of the situation and have saved an incredible amount of lives already thanks to those efforts!

After we became aware of the problem in Canada, we knew that we needed to focus our attention here at home taking in dogs from Northern Communities, local shelters and owner surrenders. In December once we opened our doors we jumped in with both feet and hit the ground running. Within 24 hours of our launch, we had our first arrivals to The Village; 5 Puppies from two separate situations; who arrived with the help of Flights for Hope and Save a Dog Network. We named them after five very special dogs who captured the hearts of each of our board members as well as our first foster volunteer. They were dogs that changed our lives forever and since the arrival of our first Villagers was monumental, we thought the tribute was important. We continue to honour Remi, Taz, Tyson, Jessy and Misty every day and will never forget their stories.

We have big hopes and big goals for It Takes A Village Dog Rescue and we will continue to focus our efforts where we feel they are needed the most! 

A documentary of northern dogs. 

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lives of dogs in northern Canada.

Fostering Hope

Meet The Team




I have always loved animals and have a house full of them, but there's just something special about dogs....so much so that I went into a career working with them.  I'm a certified pet stylist and operate Jen's Dog Grooming  in beautiful Westport. A busy home based studio with 1 employee plus myself.

When I'm not clipping pups, you can find me tending to my chickens and rabbits or perhaps playing with my own pack of canines or felines.. heck there's even a horse!

All this is possible with the support of my husband, Greg, who helps where he can, whether it's transporting, collecting donations...or playing Santa at fundraisers.

We would love to see all creatures, big or small in warm homes or barns... with full bellies, clean beds and a human that loves them dearly...wouldn't that be amazing ?





I was born and raised in the Brockville area and now reside in Athens. My love for animals started young and I have always surrounded myself with dogs. I am passionate about rescue work and spend much of my free time doing the behind the scenes and hands on work that comes with rescue. I have 4 dogs of my own - all adopted and all spoiled rotten. I am fortunate to have the support of my husband who rarely says no and my family and friends who go along with and support all of my endeavors.


When I am not working towards improving the lives of dogs in in our community I am working as an Elementary Special Education teacher for the public school board. My days are full and busy but I wouldn't have it any other way!




Those that know me know that I have always been an animal lover and have the softest spot for a big set of puppy dog eyes! As a kid, after walking our family dog, I would canvas the neighbourhood, offering to walk dogs for others, just for a chance to spend time with the dogs. To this day I know most of the neighbours by the dog’s name and not the human’s name.


I have had many fosters come into my home since beginning to volunteer for dog rescues and I absolutely could not have managed it without the never-wavering support and assistance of my daughter Alexis. She will never fully understand how incredibly blessed I feel to have her take this journey with me. We are both looking forward to emBARKING on this next chapter and excited to change the lives of as many dogs as we can!




I grew up an animal lover in a house where animals were not allowed. What? Can you imagine? I suppose now you can say I am making up for lost time.  My home consists of my 2 favourite humans, Gracie (daughter) and Ethan (son) and our 4 pupperoos ranging from small to giant, young to old. Each one from a different background and each a perfect fit into our crazy family.

We joined the world of rescue a few years back. Gracie’s favourite part is helping at fundraising events and training the fosters. Ethan loves to walk the dogs and play with them in the backyard. I love watching the dogs in care progress from intake to adoption…. The transformations are truly amazing. 

I am very blessed to be apart of this special village - where strangers with common passions unite, friendships bloom and we help as many doggies as we can find their forever homes.