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Our team is busy getting ready for our big road trip next weekend. We have rented two cube vans and we are driving to Sault Ste. Marie to meet with a volunteer from Manitoba Animal Alliance and get the dogs that are coming into our care.

We are seeking donations of the following items to pass along to Manitoba Animal Alliance:

  • canned puppy food

  • dry puppy food

  • canned adult dog food

  • canned kitten food

  • dry kitten food

We are also asking our supporters to help us obtain the following items to make our journey a safe and successful one:

  • small battery operated fans to keep the dogs cool and comfortable on the long journey

  • large 12v fans to blow the air conditioned air to the back of the van

  • gas gift cards

Donations can be dropped off in Athens, Orleans, Westport, and Gloucester.

If you can’t purchase any of these items for us please consider a small monetary donation that we can put towards the purchase of these necessities.

Our very own Jen Holden is on her way to a Iqaluit bright and early this morning. She couldn’t resist a quick puppy snuggle with one of our new intakes before she caught her flight.

Jen and a group of volunteers from across Canada are heading to Iqaluit for a spay neuter clinic that is hosted by the Iqaluit Humane Society. The clinic will run for 7 days and they already have over 120 dogs booked in for sterilization. Jen will care for dogs post surgery and will complete any grooming that needs to be done for these precious pups to be happy and healthy.

These opportunities help to ensure that there are fewer dogs needing rescue. While we love the dogs we get from these communities it’s more important that dogs are sterilized and healthy and It Takes A Village Dog Rescue is committed to doing our part to stop over population.

Blackie arrived in care in late May with what we thought was a broken leg, which we hoped would require little more than a cast for her to recover. It turned out, this sweet girl's injuries were a lot more extensive than originally thought. Blackie had several pellets in her belly and her leg was not only broken but shattered beyond repair. She immediately underwent surgery to have the pellets removed and to have the irreparable limb amputated. We can't thank the team at Athens Vet Clinic enough for making sure this gentle soul started her journey to recovery immediately following the discovery of the extent of her injuries. We are also incredibly grateful to the Iqaluit Humane Society for covering the costs for Blackie’s surgery.

Blackie is recovering in comfort at her foster home; the same home where Village Alumni Snow White was a foster fail! The two are enjoying spending their days being treated like the princesses that they are!

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