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Available Dogs

These dogs are currently ready for adoption! Check out their bio's below and apply if you think you are their perfect fit.


DoB: April 2020  |  Breed: Canadian Eskimo Dog Mix | Size: Large | Female

Kids: 8+ |  Dogs: Yes ✔️ if not a dominate personality  |  Cats: No ❌

Hi! My name is Snow. I’m a Canadian Eskimo Dog mix all the way from Nunavut. I am the proud Mom of 8 busy puppies born in the care of ITAV. I am a happy, very cuddly, quiet girl, and I’m fully house trained. People make me so happy! I love people, even the little ones. I love to sit near them and to be pet but I also respect their space.


I would do well in a home where my humans are more often home than not. My new home would be a quiet one, which would help me with my anxiety. My tummy gets upset when I am stressed. I am also working on my counter surfing habit. I enjoy walks and to sniff around. Being from Nunavut I have a very warm coat so inside can get hot for me. When I get outside, I love to roll in the snow in the winter. I am very curious about squirrels and birds, and I especially like to watch them from the window. I get along well with my furry doggy friends.


Outside, I enjoy walks and to sniff around. You’ll need to have a good grip on my leash though as I have a strong prey drive and may want to chase the wildlife. Also, I don’t like cats. I will need a home with no cats or small animals. I would make an excellent walking or hiking partner. I love being outside and exploring everything the world has to offer! If you think you’re the family for me, please fill out an application. I’m a great mom and deserve a great home with a loving forever family.



DoB: 2016  |  Breed: Bulldog Mix  |  Size: Large |  Female

Children: 12+  |  Dogs: No❌  |  Cats: No ❌ (potentially ok with very dog savvy cats)

Well hello there! My name is Scully. I’m just a quiet, content, and affectionate girl looking for my forever home. My foster mom says I’m a sweet, gentle girl who loves lounging. I’m fully housetrained, I love to be with my humans, oh and I love to go on car rides! I also enjoy walks and am fine to say hi to other dogs if they want to say hi to me. I’m not reactive with other dogs and if they misbehave I just ignore them. I mean, who needs that!?! Quiet, laid back environments are my thing. I don’t have much exposure to kids and I love to chase cats so would probably do better in a house without them, especially if they don’t like me back. If you think you can give me the home of my dreams please let the team at ITAV know! Love Scully!


DoB: Fall/Winter 2020/2021 (approx. 2.5 - 3 years) |  Breed: American Bully Mix  |  Size: Large |  Female

Children: 8+  |  Dogs: Yes ✔️  |  Cats: No ❌

Hi, I’m Kenna I’m a girl who tries my best! I listen really well and am learning to behave. I live for couch snuggles and I love my crate! I also love walks and playing with my toys. I am learning that just because I see another dog, I don’t need to yell at them. It’s not my fault though, I’m not used to other dogs so this is new to me.


I would do best in a home with children older than 8, I am a big strong girl and sometimes get grumbly if hands get to close to my food. I used to be severely emaciated, so I am still learning that food is not something I need to protect anymore.


Sometimes I try to escape to get to them so a fenced in yard or leash will be a must. When my foster mum calls me I do listen so I am learning!! If you are willing to help me learn….I’ll be just about the most perfect girl ever! I look forward to meeting you and showing you just how wonderful I am!


DoB: 2021 |  Breed: Husky |  Size: Large |  Female

Blue is a beautiful and calm girl who is patiently awaiting her forever home. She enjoys going for walks, playing with toys and is fully housetrained. Do you have room in your heart and home for this sweet girl? Please read her bio and click the link below to fill out an application.


I’m a friendly girl who is laid back and at the same time is always up for an adventure! I’m not that comfortable when a stranger gets in my face but who is!?! I just ask that you ask strangers to understand this and once I get to know them with a few sniffs, I’m ready to be loved! I enjoy playing with adults, children, and other animals. I also know what appropriate play is with each group.


When I see another dog on a leash I like to bark and I will need some help with that. When it comes to quiet time I love my crate. It’s my space to relax and unwind! My foster dad isn’t sure if I need another animal in the house but someone to play with would be nice. And if you were home more often than not, that would be amazing!


My wish would to be in a home that loves the outdoors and can take me outside as soon as they get home (even out to a fenced in back yard would be wonderful). I love to play and have a lot of energy but once I get my energy out I love to be your snuggle bug!