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Off to Iqaluit!

Our very own Jen Holden is on her way to a Iqaluit bright and early this morning. She couldn’t resist a quick puppy snuggle with one of our new intakes before she caught her flight.

Jen and a group of volunteers from across Canada are heading to Iqaluit for a spay neuter clinic that is hosted by the Iqaluit Humane Society. The clinic will run for 7 days and they already have over 120 dogs booked in for sterilization. Jen will care for dogs post surgery and will complete any grooming that needs to be done for these precious pups to be happy and healthy.

These opportunities help to ensure that there are fewer dogs needing rescue. While we love the dogs we get from these communities it’s more important that dogs are sterilized and healthy and It Takes A Village Dog Rescue is committed to doing our part to stop over population.

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