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December 21, 2021

Our first village dogs are in loving foster homes under our care. We are fortunate to partner with Save A Dog Network in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Save A Dog Network collaborates with rescuers in Indigenous communities in Northern Manitoba to save homeless dogs. The dogs make their way from the remote communities to Winnipeg and then fly to Hamilton where a volunteer meets them at the airport. These dogs make a very long journey in order to receive veterinary care and loving forever homes. The cost of bring these dogs into our care in Southeastern Ontario is considerable and we are making fundraising a priority in order to make these dogs a priority in our rescue. We are seeking foster homes and monetary donations to our vet clinic in Athens, Athens Veterinary Services, so we can take in northern dogs each month.  We are pleased to introduce our first dogs - named after our founders first dog loves - Taz, Remi, Misty, Jessy, and, Tyson. Welcome to the Village little ones!


December 11, 2021

A new beginning brings hope for the months to come and an eagerness to make them count. We are excited to embark on the journey of starting a new rescue and determined to make a difference in our community and make a difference to the lives of dogs who find themselves without a home. Our passion for rescue and dogs fuels our motivation to embark on this journey together with you and our communities. A huge thank you to the connections we have already made in our communities including Laura Jane's Pet Food in Perth and Carleton Place, Jen's Pet Grooming in Westport, Wags, Whiskers, & Wings in Westport, Amber Saunders Creative Art in Brockville, and Athens Veterinary Service in Athens. The community support is already strong and we are so excited to get started with dogs in our care!

Stay tuned for more entries on our adventures in dog rescue. 

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