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​1. You apply to adopt a dog.

2. The Adoption Team reviews your application and determines if you are a good match for the dog. 

3. If your application is selected as a match you will be notified by the Adoption Team and will be put in contact with the foster for a discussion about the dog. Don't lose hope if you're not selected. Keep watching the website and apply to other dogs that meet your criteria in the future. You can also reach out the  Adoption Team to discuss dogs who might not be ready for adoption yet. 

4. If the discussion goes well and the applicant and foster feels comfortable with the match a meet and greet will be scheduled.  Your whole family, human and canine members alike, should be present at the meet and greet.

5. If the foster dog, foster family, and your family are pleased with the match after the meet and greet and you wish to proceed with the adoption, the Adoption Team will contact references and arrange for a virtual home visit of your home. 

6. A member of the Adoption Team will schedule a telephone interview with you to discuss the rescue dog, what to expect in the transition period, and any relevant information pertaining to the dogs medical history and ongoing care.

7. The Adoption Team will prepare and email the adoption agreement. You are expected to review, sign, and return the agreement within 24 hours and send the adoption fee via e-transfer. ​​You are encouraged to keep a copy of the Adoption Agreement and reach out to It Takes A Village if you have any questions going forward. 

8. The Adoption Team will verified that the signed agreement and fee has been received and will inform the foster family that the adoption is finalized.

9. You make arrangements with the foster family for your new family member to come home!

10. The dog’s medical records and papers (if available) will be provided shortly after the time of adoption via email. We will also release the medical record at the vet clinic so you can have it transferred to your vet clinic of choice. 

11. New adopters must have their dog examined by their vet within two weeks of adoption. In the event of a pre-existing condition, It Takes A Village will cover medical treatment with our vet up to a certain amount. Any issues not detected in the first two weeks are deemed to be new and It Takes A Village holds no liability.

12. A member of our team will contact you periodically throughout the first year of adoption to check on your family.


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