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Available Dogs

These dogs are currently ready for adoption! Check out their bio's below and apply if you think you are their perfect fit.

Please note that only those being considered will be contacted. We do not typically adopt outside of a 2 hour radius from the foster dog. Some exceptions may apply. 


File #24-030


DoB: December 20, 2023  |  Breed: Northern Supermutt (low rider) | Est. Adult Size: Small |  Male

Kids: Yes ✔️ |  Dogs: Yes ✔️  |  Cats: Unknown❔

Current Location: Brockville, ON

Hey there, future family! I'm Teagan, the little pup from the faraway north. I set out on a wild adventure, flying through the sky, and ended up in the arms of a foster family. They're pretty awesome, especially the kids who love to play with me! I also had a furry dog pal to play with for a while, and we got along great.


Now I'm learning the ropes, like doing my business outside – yeah, it's a bit tricky, but I'm getting there! I am shy around new people, but my crate is like my own little sanctuary, where I feel safe and cozy.


Even though life can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, I'm still the sweetest and most gentle pup you'll ever meet. I'm just waiting for a family to call my own.


I feel it in my fur that my adventure isn't over yet. Who wants to join me?


File #23-127

DoB: June 2023 |  Breed: Shepherd Mix | Size: Large |  Male

Kids: 8+ ✔️ |  Dogs: Yes ✔️  |  Cats: Yes ✔️

Current Location: Calabogie, ON

Please read Reggie's full bio before applying. Note that Reggie will be a compassionate adoption due to his medical condition.


Welcome, listeners, to another podcast of "Paws & Claws: Tales from the Shelter." I'm your host, and today we have a compelling story that will tug at your heartstrings and remind you of the incredible resilience of our four-legged friends.

Our story begins with a young German Shepherd named Reggie. At just four months old, Reggie found himself homeless, with nowhere to call home. It was a bleak situation for such a young pup, but fate had other plans in store for him. It Takes a Village brought him into their care. They saw the potential in this young pup and knew they had to help him. And so, Reggie was whisked away to safety and into the loving care of the rescue and one amazing foster mom.

Reggie quickly endeared himself to everyone with his boundless energy and playful spirit. He charmed everyone he met. Despite his rough start in life, Reggie remained resilient, his spirit unbroken.

Now, fast forward a few months, and Reggie is nine months old, ready for his next chapter. He's fully housetrained, loves playing with his fur sibling, going on walks, having backyard adventures, and he also enjoys car rides.

But Reggie's journey hasn't been without its challenges.

Due to his size and high energy level, Reggie may not be the best fit for households with small children. His exuberance could be overwhelming for them, though his playful nips are all in good fun. And let's not forget Reggie's fascination with cats – he's curious, but likely to get along just fine with a feline friend. Oh, and full disclosure, he can be a bit of a counter-surfer.

Now, here's where things get a bit more serious. Reggie has had some trouble with his back end from time to time. A recent MRI revealed that this is likely the result of a narrowing of his spine. But fear not, dear listeners, for Reggie has been doing great with physiotherapy and he’s a ray of positivity. With continued physiotherapy and a patient, committed owner, he can expect to continue to thriving and living a happy, fulfilling life. Reggie's adopters will also have the opportunity to share the MRI report with their own vet in order to make an informed decision about adding him to their family. 

As Reggie prepares to embark on his journey to find his forever home, the volunteers at It Takes a Village are filled with mixed emotions. While they'll miss him dearly, they know that Reggie deserves a family to call his own – a family that will love him unconditionally and provide him with the care and support he needs.

And so, dear listeners, we invite you to join us in rooting for Reggie as he takes this next step in his journey. For he may be just a dog to some, but to those who know him, Reggie is a true survivor, a beacon of hope, and a reminder of the power of love and compassion.

That's all for today's episode of "Paws & Claws: Tales from the Shelter." Thank you for tuning in, and until next time, remember to always lend a paw to those in need.


File #24-039

DoB: Approx. September/October 2023  |  Breed: Husky Mix | Est. Adult Size: Large  |  Male

Kids: Yes ✔️|  Dogs: Yes ✔️ |  Cats: Yes ✔️

Current Location: Orleans, ON

Howdy! I'm Abbott! I'm like a love bug on steroids, loaded with more energy than a kid on a sugar rush. My foster mom calls me a fluffy goofball. She swears I'm still trying to figure out how to use these long legs of mine—I think I'm doing a pretty graceful gazelle impression, though!


When it comes to food, I'm like a walking vacuum cleaner. I haven't met kibble or treats that I didn't want to devour. So, I'd love someone to take me on a lot of walks and a fenced yard to frolic in. Gotta keep this body in top shape for the ladies. I'm also house-trained, I've lived with cats, and I'm independent enough that I won't be howling the blues when you're out.

I like kids too, but my body moves faster than my brain right now. Bigger kids are best until I figure out how to pump the brakes.


I'm so excited! I know my forever family is out there. If you're looking for a loving, handsome goofball, we should talk!


File #24-033

DoB: March 2023  |  Breed: Northern Mix  | Size: Medium |  Female

Kids: Yes (8+) ✔️ |  Dogs: Yes ✔️ |  Cats: Unknown❔ 

Current Location: Kingston, ON

Well, hello there! I'm Martha, and until recently, I was in a household full of freeloaders. Yep, they looked like me, and apparently, that meant they thought I was the chef! But slowly, they all packed up and left, leaving me to ponder my next move. 

Now, I'll be straight with you—I'm not exactly Miss Manners. No one ever sat me down and explained the art of proper etiquette. I grew up unsure if my next meal was coming, so naturally, I've developed a bit of a protective streak when it comes to grub. Hence, I prefer dining in my crate. It's like my safe haven for snacks. And let's talk energy—I've got enough to power a small country! That's why I'm not a fan of cats and I probably shouldn't be around tiny humans. I just haven't quite grasped the concept of "gentle giant" yet. More of a bull in a China shop right now.

But hey, let's focus on the positives, shall we? Some might call me hyper, but I prefer the term "athletically inclined." I'm basically a canine parkour master! Plus, you won't find any surprise puddles or smelly brown piles in your house with me around. I've got standards, you know! When you leave, I'm the picture of calm. I'll hang out in my crate like a pro, surrounded by my beloved toy collection. But the moment you walk back in that door, it's game on! Ball? I'm on it like a dog on a bone! Sure, I might not bring it back yet, but give me time—I'm a work in progress! And don't even get me started on mental stimulation. Treat puzzles, snuffle mats—you name it, I'm all over it like fur during shedding season.

Think of me as a canine enigma. Not everyone gets me, including yours truly sometimes. But mark my words, one day, I'll be making headlines, and only the true believers will be able to say, "I knew her when." 

So, what do you think about giving me a shot? Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Some great guy said that once, I think.


File #24-082

DoB: August 2, 2021  |  Breed: Husky  | Size: Medium |  Female

Kids: Yes (8+) ✔️  |  Dogs: Yes (Medium size bigger only) ✔️ |  Cats: No ❌

Prey Drive: Yes ✔️ |  Apartment/Attached Living: No ❌ 

Current Location: Ottawa, ON

Hiya! I'm Millie! I really want to find my forever home, so here's my adoption pitch.

How about we go over my daily agenda? I like calm and predictable. Snuggles, walks (pulling on the leash to chase squirrels is your strength training and my cardio), meals, and naps (a dog's gotta rest, right?) I'm also fully housetrained (you're welcome).

I can get a bit protective over my food and toys – just a little snarl, and we're back to being best buds. Cats? Nah, they're just too tempting to chase. Kids? Love 'em! I'm always on my best behaviour around those tiny humans. Oh, and if you hear me bark in Inuktitut, don't worry, I'm just reminiscing about my northern roots. I'm told I've got a great singing voice, too. I can teach you, and we can duet!

Let's make some memories, one squirrel chase at a time!