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*Adoption pending

DoB: July 2020 |  Breed: Northern Super Mutt  |  Male

Goose is looking for a foster-to-adopt home that can commit to ongoing lessons with his current trainer. This expense is covered by It Takes A Village.

Goose is always happy and full of life. Not only does Goose have the looks...he has brains too! He is highly food motivated and willing to learn. Goose enjoys daily brain games and learning new things. He loves to walk and will stay by your side, will sit, and stay. Goose would love a family who can take him for daily walks and adventure on trails when possible, he loves to explore and is very curious.


Goose would do best in  a home with no small children. Goose is good with people and is continuing to adapt well to living in a house. He sleeps well in his crate at night, and loves to be petted and brushed. Goose has significantly improved his ability to act with other dogs. He is best suited for non-dominate dog companions, that are medium to large size, and tends to get along better with females. Goose is currently living with cats and has learned to enjoy their company and respect their boundaries. He would likely do well with dog-savvy cats with proper and slow introductions. 

Think you can provide Goose the home he is looking for?



*Adoption pending

DoB: June 1, 2022 |  Breed: Northern Super Mutt  |  Female

Toni has the sweetest eyes you will ever see, and is eager to please and be praised by her humans. Toni came with the gang that was rescued from the forest fires in Northern Manitoba, and is doing AMAZING! 

Toni is crate trained, and will happy curl up for the night without so much as a peep until the morning. Toni gets along great with her two (much bigger) canine foster siblings.  Toni is untested with cats, but due to her young age, would likely do well with the proper introductions to dog-savvy cats. Toni has not interacted with small children, but like with any puppy, she can get very excited, so supervision would be required.

Toni looks to her foster mom for comfort and support, and responds well to her name when she is called. No behavioural concerns have been noticed with Toni. She will require a family with an average activity level who can take her on daily walks and/or has a fenced yard for her to run around. Toni would do well with or without canine companions in her forever home.  Toni enjoys the outdoors and is very curious.  She loves chasing bugs and watching traffic.  Cars and trucks are fascinating to her, and a little scary at the same time.  She does travel well in the vehicle, but watching them drive by is something she’s working to become more comfortable with.

Toni loves to be praised during her training sessions with her foster. She loves being told she is a good girl and looks to her humans for comfort and affirmation. 

Think sweet Toni is the gal for you?



DoB: December 2021 |  Breed: German Shepherd/Canadian Eskimo Dog mix |  Female

Twyla is the sweetest girl ever! Twyla experience an injury prior to coming into our care. Boyd Emergency Clinic and her foster mom have helped Twyla to heal and recover from the event. Twyla gets along well with other dogs, but can get very hyper and jumpy when first meeting them or if she is in a very playful mood. She currently lives with a 13 year old German Shepard, and needs to be reminded not to jump on the old guy. Twyla is untested with cats, but has shown a want to chase other small critters outside, but has not shown any aggression, so would likely do ok with a very dog-savvy cat with the proper introductions and boundaries. Twyla has not been tested with children, and we would suggest caution with young children (under 8), as she is still a bit mouthy and jumps around when she is hyper. 

Twyla spends the night sleeping in her crate, as well as when her foster family is out of the house. Twyla is fully housetrained

Twyla would do best in a home where she has someone who can go outside and walk and play (Hiking/Walking partner), but likes to come home to a quiet house and wind down. Twyla would do best with another canine companion, as she has shown to be less anxious when left alone if she has a friend with her. She is working on her training, and is very attentive, smart and willing to learn. She will need a family that has patience and give her time to learn.

Think Twlya is the perfect girl for your family?

*Adoption pending


DoB: December 2009 |  Breed: Husky Mix |  Male

Snowball is ready to find his retirement home! 13 years old Snowball is a sweet gentle soul whose previous family made an incredibly selfless decision to send him to rescue to find his perfect home when they were no longer able to keep him.

Snowball lived a life that was very different up until now and he has spent the last couple of weeks learning how to be an indoor dog. He is mostly house trained but is still awaiting his neuter so will try to mark indoors if given the chance. He currently wears a belly band to prevent messes.

Snowball is very curious and has started to explore the stairs to see where the humans have disappeared to. He is also very interested in everything that takes place in the kitchen. He enjoys his crate and will go in and hang out by choice but he is non destructive in the house so crating is it necessary. He is a talkative old guy at times and has quite a fun personality. He recently began to nose boop the humans when they come in close for snuggles and really enjoys scratches and pets. 

Snowball has been in the car a couple of times and although he was a patient passenger he still doesn't feel very comfortable in the car. Snowball gets along great with the other dogs in the foster home and considers the cat his favourite friend; even though the cat would disagree.  Snowball is in amazing health for his age but will be starting some Cartophen injections to help rebuild some strength. 

Snowball's adoption fee will be a reduced rate of $450 because of his advanced age.

Think your home is the right place for Snowball to live his retirement?



*Adoption pending

DoB: August 2022 |  Breed: Northern Super Mutt |  Male

Muskey had a rough start to life, he was found tied up and starving. After much TLC, Muskey has made a full recovery and is ready to find his forever home. Muskey will likely grow into a large dog (he has huge paws!), and is very eager to please, and enjoys receiving praise. Muskey enjoys playing with other dogs, and listens well when the other dog tells him they have had enough. Muskey is untested with cats, but due to his young age, he would likely learn to get along and respect dog-savvy cats with the proper introductions. Muskey has not been exposed to children under the age of 10, we believe due to his size and puppy nature he would do best in a home with no young children in the home.


Muskey does require a regular feeding schedule to help him get back on track, for that reason a family that is home more often than not would be best suited for him. He gets excited at feeding time (3 times a day) but has learned his manners and sits and waits for his food to be put down, and his human to walk away before enjoying his kibble. He has learned the word "gentle" and when giving treats he responses well and gently takes his treat from your hand. Muskey is crate trained, and currently uses it to sleep at night, and while his foster family eats their meals. Given Muskey is food motivated and eager to please, training is coming along really well for Muskey.


Given Muskey is food motivated and eager to please, training is coming along really well for Muskey. He is very responsive and looks to his humans for direction, affirmation he's doing right, and he listens really well. He comes to his name, and understands basic instruction: No, Gentle, Down and Sit. He enjoys working and being with his humans. Muskey is also house trained and does his business outside. Muskey follows his foster humans everywhere they go, and even lies outside doors when they go into a room and close the door, waiting patiently for them to come back out.


Though Muskey gets along well with dogs and enjoys playing with them, humans are his favourite, and would likely do best as the only dog in his forever home. He loves being outside so a family that has outdoor adventures year round would be best for this boy. He will require a family with an average activity level that can take him on daily walks and either play with him in a fenced yard or at a dog park.


Think this sweet boy is the one for you?


Peppermit Pattie

*Adoption pending

DoB: October 4, 2022  |  Breed: Papillion Mix  |  Female


Oh Henry!

DoB: October 4, 2022  |  Breed: Papillion Mix  |  Male


Big Turk

DoB: October 4, 2022  |  Breed: Papillion Mix  |  Male



*Adoption pending

DoB: October 4, 2022  |  Breed: Papillion Mix  |  Female


Reese's Pieces

DoB: October 4, 2022  |  Breed: Papillion Mix  |  Female



*Adoption pending

DoB: October 4, 2022  |  Breed: Papillion Mix  |  Female


DoB: February 2022 |  Breed: Northern Super Mutt |  Male

Riley suffers from cherry eye, which he had a surgery for recently. Unfortunately, the cherry eye came back and it will need to be re-done in a few months. ITAV will cover the cost of 1 additional cherry eye surgery for Riley once he is in his forever home. This will be included as an addendum to his adoption contract.

Riley is a super happy guy with an almost constant cheerful attitude! Riley loves other dogs and is always wanting to play! Riley has had limited interactions with cats, but seems cool and calm around the one he knows. Riley has not had much exposure to kids, but do to his small size, and cheerful attitude, he would likely do fine with the proper introductions.

Riley is crate trained and spends his nights sleeping soundly in there until its time to get up for his morning walk. Riley loves to follow his foster human around, and is happiest when cuddling or playing. Riley has no known behavioural issues and is basically perfect!

Riley will require a home where he can get adequate exercise by either running around in a fenced yard, or going on daily walks, or a combo of both would be even better! He would do well with or without another dog in the house. Riley does well in his crate during the day when his foster leaves the house to work so he would work well for a family that may have some comings and goings.