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Available Dogs

These dogs are currently ready for adoption! Check out their bio's below and apply if you think you are their perfect fit.

Please note that only those being considered will be contacted. We do not typically adopt outside of a 2 hour radius from the foster dog. Some exceptions may apply. 


File #23-147


DoB: November 2021  |  Breed: Terrier Mix  | Size: Medium |  Male

Kids: Yes ✔️ |  Dogs: Yes ✔️ |  Cats: Unknown❔|  Attached Housing: No 

Current Location: Brockville, ON

Look at that handsome man! Mister is a 2 year old energetic sweet, sweet little guy. He grew up as a much loved member of a family and to no fault of his own, he came to us to find his new home. Mister loves to play and get exercise as he has lots of energy! He will do tricks for treats! Smart boy! He takes naps sometimes on his own in the house or in his kennel. He loves kids but older kids may be best as he needs to work on his play bite. He is good with kids and other dogs, and it is timid with cats.

Mister gets quite vocal when he is left alone, so he will require a detached home where he will not bother neighbours!


Mister will be a great addition to an active, adventure-filled family, that loves the outdoors! Will you be his lucky new forever family?


File #23-157


DoB: November 29, 2023  |  Breed: Spaniel Mix  | Est Adult Size: Small/Medium  |  Female

Current Location: Brockville, ON

Please note that Noelle will not be ready to go to her forever home until after January 29, however we are now accepting applications to review. 

Noelle is just the right combination of cuteness, snuggle bug and sass! In the past few weeks, she has found her legs, and she can run! She loves to explore and spends her day pulling ALL the toys out of the basket and dragging them around the house, chasing her mom, chasing her little ball, and then passing out on her bed. Noelle loves to chew on your feet, ankles, pant legs, socks....and despite her small size, those little puppy teeth are crazy sharp!


Noelle is doing very well with her crate and puppy pad training. She settles easily in her crate at bedtime or if I have to go out for a few hours. Noelle loves to lay on your lap and give you the best snuggles. She gives tiny little kisses and wags her tail when you talk to her.


File #24-001


DoB: October 28, 2023  |  Breed: Shepherd/Husky Mix  | Est Adult Size: Large  |  Male

Kids: Yes ✔️ |  Dogs: Yes ✔️ |  Cats: Unknown❔

Current Location: Frankville, ON

Logan is the sweetest, cutest little love bug you will ever meet! He is a lover and a cuddler. He loves his foster humans and loves to chase his foster sisters around and snuggle with them for a nap. When he is not cuddling, he loves to play with toys, others does and humans. He makes the cutest little noises and uses his voice to share his feelings - it’s the husky in him!


He is great with kids but needs a bit of supervision because he gets excited and can nip - and that goes for cats too. And he is still learning the ins and out must for any dog! But he is a puppy and he is learning fast. He loves his crate.


Logan would be the perfect family member of an active home, with human and dog companionship!


File #24-007

DoB: 2017  |  Breed: Hound  | Size: Large  |  Female

Kids: Unknown❔ |  Dogs: Yes ✔️ |  Cats: Yes ✔️

Current Location: Maitland, ON

An Interview with Molly, the Gentle Soul with a Million Dollar Smile! 

Q: Molly, can you tell us how old you are?

A: Well, that’s rude! A lady never reveals her age. But my agent said I have to answer all your questions honestly so, here goes. I am 7 years young, with a heart as vibrant as a puppy's. 

Q: Wonderful. What’s your breed?

A: Well, beautiful! I am part love, part joy, all hound charm. Just try to keep your paws off me. 

Q: Molly, what personality would you say you have?

A: I’m a simple gal. I’m gentle, friendly and endlessly appreciative of life’s simple comforts. You won’t find that in the younger generation. So entitled, those young pups!

Q: What are some of your favourite activities?

A: True to my hound breed, I get pretty excited exploring the great outdoors on walks or in the backyard. On walks, I may pull a little on the leash out of excitement, but my eagerness to explore is matched only by my attentive listening and good behaviour. My foster momma says she can actually see that I’m smiling when I’m doing those things. When I smile, she smiles and that’s my purpose in life. 

Q: Do you have any special talents that you want your potential family to know?

A: I have mastered the art of gentle cuddles after gazing out the window and engaging in playful antics with my squeaky toys. Just like that, I can go from sophisticated and curious, to playful and fun. I’d also like them to know that all the felines love me! That’s a special talent because some felines can be quite snooty with us canines. I’m so friendly that I’d probably be good with other dogs too. I just don’t know right now because my foster momma only has eyes for me. Oh, and this shouldn’t be something to brag about but some of my canine friends actually JUMP up on their humans! Can you imagine? Savages. Not me. I am refined and distinguished. I have excellent manners.

Q: Let’s put it all out there now. You sound absolutely perfect. What’s the catch?

A: Well, I don’t care much for the crate. But that’s only because I love cuddling up in a warm bed, and basking in the affection of my humans. I don’t give kisses for obvious reasons … ewww, germs. I prefer to express my affection through warm gazes, when their eyes meet mine and then I gently nudge them to say, thank you. Thank you for opening your heart and your home to me.  

Our take on Molly:

Molly's playful nature shines bright, reminding us that youthfulness comes from within. She's a testament to the joy that comes from embracing each moment with enthusiasm and love. Prepare for an overflow of love and unwavering loyalty with Molly by your side. She's not just a pet; she's a lifelong companion who'll fill your days with endless joy and companionship. 

What are you waiting for? Molly is sitting at the window, gazing, dreaming about