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Available Dogs

These dogs are currently ready for adoption! Check out their bio's below and apply if you think you are their perfect fit.


DoB: April 2022 |  Breed: Spaniel Mix | Size: Small |  Female

Meet Monkey! This sweet little lady came into our care and was so scared, her foster mom couldn't even touch her for several days! With lots of love, patience and work, Monkey has really come around! Monkey does get along with other dogs provided they are introduced properly but has some resource guarding issues and some food aggression so must be fed separately. She prefers smaller dogs around her own size (10-30lbs). Monkey currently lives in a home with very dog-savvy cats, where she likes to chase and play with them. Monkey would likely do well with other dog-savvy felines in her forever home.

Monkey is scared of children, and will bark at them if they get to close to her on her territory but has shown interest in older (10+ yrs) respectful kids outside of her home. Monkey will require a home without any young children in it. Monkey uses her crate to sleep at night, which she doesn't love, but is getting used to it. Monkey is also fully house-trained. Monkey is playful and mischievous, and enjoys playing with her toys on her own mostly, over sharing them with humans or other dogs. Most recently she has shown some 'herding instincts' by nipping, mouthing and grabbing hands, calf and clothing of her foster mom to get attention. This is a behavior that we are working on curving.

Monkey will require special home that can give her time to settle, respect her boundaries, and help her to learn the world doesn't always have to be scary. As mentioned, she struggles with resource guarding from other animals, and can be aggressive when meeting new people, or people who do not respect her boundaries. Monkey would do best in a home where her owner is home more often than not, as she does get quite nervous when left alone. She also gets quite vocal when left alone, and barks at strange notices and people. For these reasons Monkey would not be a good candidate for apartments or condos. Monkey would do well with or without a fenced yard, as long as she gets adequate exercise through daily walks or plays on long lead. Monkey has an average activity level, and would do well with a family of the similar lifestyle.

Think you are the right fit to help give Monkey the time and patience she needs to feel comfortable in her forever home?



DoB: April 2021  |  Breed: Husky/Shepherd Mix | Size: Large | Female

Hi! My name is Snow. I’m a husky mix all the way from Northern Nunavut. I am currently the proud Mom of 8 busy puppies! Once my puppies are ready to go to their forever homes, I will be too, so let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a happy, quiet girl, and I’m fully house trained. I may bark but it’s usually due to new sounds or to alert my foster family. I get along with my furry foster siblings pretty well, but my foster mom says that when I meet other dogs it will be important for me to make a proper introduction. I have a dominant personality and I don’t like to back down when challenged. Once I’ve been introduced though, I get along pretty well.


People make me so happy! I love people, even the little ones. I love to sit near them and to be pet but I also respect their space. I enjoy walks and to sniff around. Being from Nunavut I have a very warm coat so inside can get hot for me. When I get outside, I love to roll in the snow. I am very curious about squirrels and birds, and I especially like to watch them from the window. Outside I enjoy walks and to sniff around. You’ll need to have a good grip on my leash though as I have a strong prey drive and may want to chase the wildlife. Also, I don’t like cats. Remember my strong prey drive? Yep, cats included! Right now, I eat my meals in a separate room from my foster siblings because I have some resource guarding, but my foster mom thinks this is just because I’m a protective new mom and will be fine once my pups are gone.


I won’t be ready for adoption until my puppies have found their new homes, so I have time to work on resource guarding. This also gives you lots of time to ask questions about me. I’m very excited to find my new home! If you think you’re the family for me, please fill out an application. I’m a great mom and deserve a great home with a loving forever family.



DoB: December 1, 2022  |  Breed: Husky Mix | Est. Adult Size: Large | Female

Hi Everyone! My name is Janet! I’m a happy girl! I’m looking for an active family who loves adventures, ‘cause I love them too! I am a very smart girl and I have lots of energy. I do like to guard my toys and food right now. Sometimes I struggle to know what is a toy and what isn’t. But I love food and I learn really quick when treats are involved! My foster mum say’s I’m pretty perfect! She says structure and lots of praise will be good for me (oh and did I mention I like treats too)! I’m very affectionate and love to be the centre of attention but I mean, look how cute I am! Playing with other dogs is fun and an older dog would be good to teach me the ropes but it’s not required. I also play really well on my own, with and with my humans! So what do you say? Are you up for an adventure with me?



DoB: November 2022  |  Breed: Shepherd Husky Mix | Est. Adult Size: Medium | Male

My name is Biscuit and I’m just about as sweet as my name! My foster mom says I’m just the cutest! My forever home will need an older confident dog to help show me the ropes and learn that the world isn't always such a scary place. No kids under 10 for me either please, I am skittish and love to love, but that doesn't mean I love everyone, and need space and lots of respect. I enjoywalks, cuddling, playtime, other dogs, crate time, lounging on the couch with you and I even love to play with the cat. I’ve learned I have to be very respectful around claws! Did I mention that I like to cuddle? Yeah, I’m all about the love! So if you think your home would be a good fit for me, let ITAV know. I hope to meet you soon! Love Biscuit



DoB: October 2022  |  Breed: Husky Mix | Est. Adult Size: Large  | Female

Mika is a sweet and shy girl who is not quite a year old. She loves walks, toys, training time and just following her foster mum around. Right now Mika loves people at a distance but she is warming up. Alone she isn’t very playful but she loves other dogs and is like a different girl when other pups are around. For this reason a home with another dog would be very good for Mika. We are unsure if Mika has experience with cats or other animals.

She is still learning her manners so will need to be watched to avoid chewing and getting into things. Houses are new for Mika so for this reason having someone home more often would be beneficial but she is learning quickly.
Do you think this sweet girl would be a match for your household?




DoB: December 2019  |  Breed: Husky/Shepherd Mix  |  Size: Large  |  Female

Bio coming soon!



DoB: July 2022 |  Breed: Husky/Terrier Mix  |  Est. Adult Size: Medium (Lowrider)  |  Male

Hi, I’m Patchy! I love mornings, cuz mornings are when I get to be awake with my human! Two of my favourite things are outside time and snuggles!! I also love a cool place to lie down when it’s time for a nap. I like to sleep on the bed, sometimes it gets too hot but don’t worry, I just lie on the cool floor and beside the bed so I stay close to you!


My foster mom and I are working on crate training and potty training. I’m trying really hard because I like to make my people happy. I love other dogs! They are so fun to play with. I’ve met a few kids and they seem fun too! I’m interested in cats but haven’t spent a lot of time with them.


My foster mom says I’m a super happy and loveable guy! She thinks I’ll be a great family member in my future forever home! I am a very social boy, and get nervous when I’m alone. My foster mom and I are working on helping me be okay with being alone. But really, it’s just because I love to be with my people!


Are you looking for a family member to spend time with, play with, and snuggle with? If so, I’d love to meet you!



DoB: 2020  |  Breed: Chihuahua Mix  |  Size: Small  |  Female

Bio coming soon!

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