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Available Dogs

These dogs are currently ready for adoption! Check out their bio's below and apply if you think you are their perfect fit.

Please note that only those being considered will be contacted. We do not typically adopt outside of a 2 hour radius from the foster dog. Some exceptions may apply. 


DoB: September 2020 |  Breed: Northern Supermutt |  Size: Small |  Male

Kids: Unknown ❔  |  Dogs: Yes ✔️  |  Cats: Yes ✔️

Current Location: Westport, ON

Hi! My name is Maxx! I lam looking for a companion to go on long walks, get some scratches and sit on your lap! I will be always happy to see you and go on adventures with you. I may take a little time to warm up to you but once I am in love, I never look back. I will sleep by your side every night!

Speaking of first impression, I always make sure that other dogs know how I feel when I first meet them, then I tolerate them. But I warm up after a few days. A fenced yard in the city would be good for me.

I am a fun dog with a terrier personality, chill in the house and spunky outside! I am ready to be your forever sidekick!


DoB: 2018 (estimate) |  Breed: Chihuahua  |  Size: X-Small |  Female

Kids: No ❌  |  Dogs: Yes ✔️  |  Cats: No ❌

Current Location: Athens, ON

Meet Cheeka! Cheeka presents as an antisocial, not so passive-aggressive, moody pre-teen who hates her parents. She has an attitude and gives zero f’s about it. She skips school, drinks Vezzys in the parking lot and steals from her little sister’s piggy bank. She refuses to get a job and don’t even think about asking her to put her laundry away. Cheeka needs a new family as her previous family didn’t work out. We also debated re-naming her to Karen. 

All joking aside, Cheeka is a girl with some issues. She’s roughly 5 years old and has bitten people. She loves only a select few people and others are seen as intruders. If you are a person she loves, she loves hard. She is loyal. If you are not her person she will likely go after your feet in an effort to make you leave. She is almost house trained and is good with other dogs. She chases cats as a past time. Cheeka is crate trained but will bark when her people leave. She resource guards her people and food and has some separation anxiety. Cheeka loves to play, go for walks, and snuggle the day away with her trusted human. No kids for Cheeka - not even kids who visit.

Do you think you might be a special home where Cheeka can love and thrive? 


DoB: 2013 (approx.) |  Breed: German Shepherd |  Size: Large |  Female

Kids: 10+ ✔️   |  Dogs: Medium-Large dogs only ✔️  |  Cats: No ❌

Current Location: Merrickville, ON

My name is Mica! My foster mom says that I am the absolute sweetest, most amazing dog she has ever met. I am as sweet, as gentle, and as smart as I am stunning! Or so she says! I came from a shelter, as my owner passed away and no one was able to care for me.


My paperwork stated 2, then it was crossed out and replaced with a 10 for my age. So, these nice rescue village people have listed me as 10 years old. However, I’ve been to see the vet, and hanging out with my foster momma and everyone is sure I’m closer to the age of 2 than 10. The vet guesses I’m around 5, and my foster momma says the way I run and chase a ball and have so much love for life, there is no way I’m 10. So, I guess I’m a mystery…..But I have lots of love to give, love hikes and being with my hooman. I really just want a forever home to have someone to love forever!


My favourite thing is to do is to follow my human everywhere! I will be by your side on the couch or in bed at night, taking every opportunity to snuggle and cuddle. I am very playful and I can play with toys by myself but the best is with my human! I love to walk by your side and I never pull.


I know how to do this very well as I am really well trained. I am looking for a simple life: breakfast and relax outside before following my human who gets ready for work. When you are at work, I am content snoozing in my crate awaiting your arrival home. Once home, it’s dinner, evening walks, snuggles on the couch then bedtime! Rinse and repeat!


Someone who is home before and after work is perfect. I really thrive in a calm, quiet and predictable household. A fenced yard is a great idea for me. Small dogs with big personalities do not agree with me so that’s a big no. They get on my nerves and I can become aggressive if they nag at me.


Big dogs are ok and I would also do well being the single dog in a home. Little children make me nervous with their fast movements but I enjoy playing with older children. I don’t know cats so I am not sure how I would react. I have so much life left to explore and experience new things and so much love to give. Adopt me and I will be your wonderful forever friend!

Little Loki

DoB: 2013 |  Breed: Chihuahua  |  Size: X-Small  |  Male

Kids: No ❌  |  Dogs: Yes ✔️  |  Cats: Unknown ❔ 

Current Location: Kanata, ON

I am Loki, the smallest cuddle bug you will ever meet! I live to be your fateful companion, where we would live a calm, quiet life together. I would love to love you! I am learning to walk on a leash and with encouragement, we can go on adventures together. I will also need some guidance on potty training but I am getting there.


I don’t care much about other dogs and they tell me about cats but I have never seen them so I don’t know what I think of them. I am wary of the world and need you by my side to comfort me. Honestly, I will growl and bite if things don’t happen my way. I don’t do well with kids and I am nervous with what the world brings and get anxious at time.


But I am a very good dog. I will be your faithful sidekick, your companion and your sweetheart forever so I am looking forward to meet you!

Please note that due to Loki's age, his adoption fee will be reduced to $500