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Want to get Involved?

Thank you for interest in It Takes A Village Dog Rescue and considering becoming a volunteer with us.  Our team consists entirely of volunteers and we are always eager to welcome new people to our team. Our success is based on our volunteers and fosters as they are truly the backbone of our organization and without them we would not be able to make an impact in our community. We believe that it takes a village to give dogs a second chance at a forever family and we welcome volunteers who can be involved for a short period of time or volunteers who can make a longer commitment.  Whatever your situation or level of experience, volunteering is a wonderful way to contribute and we welcome you into our rescue community. 

We welcome volunteers who are interested in becoming a foster care giver, attending local, in-person fundraising events, helping with online fundraising initiatives, transporting dogs to foster homes and vet appointments, as well as taking on administrative or leadership roles within the rescue. However you choose to engage you can be sure that your efforts will make a difference to the dogs in our community.

Ready to join the Village?

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