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CHASE OUR ACE is a progressive lottery.

We start by shuffling the 52 cards of a playing deck, placing them back side up so we cannot see the cards, then sliding each one into its own envelope, again, without viewing them. The envelopes are then sealed, re-shuffled, then we number the sealed envelopes from 1 – 52. We do not know what cards are in which envelopes.


Tickets are sold in person at It Takes A Village Dog Rescue in person events each week as well as designated locations in Ottawa, Athens, Brockville and Perth. The buyer must include their name, address, phone number, email address and envelope choice on each ticket purchased. Each ticket purchased will be valid for one entry into the draw. Both the ticket and the ticket stub will indicate the envelope number selected. Each ticket purchased will be valid for one entry into the weekly draw, from which the weekly winner will be selected. 

Tickets are available at the following establishments:

  • Braumeister Brewing Co. 19 Moore St, Carleton Place

  • Braumeister Bierhalle 175 Carruthers Ave, Ottawa

  • Ren's Pets Brockville 2089 Parkdale Ave E Unit 1AA, Brockville

  • Forest Valley Animal Hospital 1803 St Joseph Blvd #109, Orléans

  • Quick Pick Orleans - 2651 St Joseph Blvd, Orléans

  • Soulful Creations Tattoo Studio - 2208 St Joseph Blvd Unit 108, Orléans

  • Beacon Hill Fur Family - 2200 Montréal Rd, Gloucester


All tickets purchased between 12:00 PM Sunday and 11:59 PM Saturday are placed into that week’s raffle. Tickets are only valid for the week in which they are purchased.


Each week, we conduct a raffle draw of all tickets purchased that week (tickets are good for only the one week of the draw) at 9:00 am by a member of our Board of Directors. The draw will be recorded and streamed onto our social media pages and website. Only one ticket is drawn per week. All unselected tickets will be voided after the weekly draw is completed.


The weekly winner wins 20% of the total sales for that week simply for having their name selected. The envelope number that was selected on said winner’s entry ticket will be opened and the card inside revealed.


If the selected envelope contains the Ace of Spades, the person will win the progressive jackpot in addition to the weekly percentage of the proceeds.


If the selected card is not the Ace of Spades, that envelope number is removed from the available options for the following week and the progressive prize portion of the ticket sales for that draw is rolled over into the progressive jackpot for the next scheduled draw. 30% of the sales every week are put towards the progressive jackpot which is won when our Ace of Spades is revealed.


ONLY the one draw winner picks an envelope and ONLY the one winner can win the jackpot. He/she has their chosen envelope opened, if it is the Ace of Spades, they win the jackpot, if it is not, that envelope number is retired from play and there is one less envelope in next week’s draw.


*** Please note that multiple people can select the same envelope number as it only matters to the one person whose ticket is drawn. ONLY the person whose name is drawn can win the jackpot. The lottery continues each week until the Ace of Spades is selected by the raffle draw winner. Once the Ace of Spades is revealed, the weekly winner has won the progressive Jackpot in addition to the weekly prize and the contest is over.

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