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Consider Adoption

Every day, in communities across Canada, a bond is broken. It’s the bond between people and their dogs, resulting in dogs ending up in shelters or surrendered to rescues. All these dogs want is to be loved and cared for and cling to the hope of finding a new family, a new person to love. We help these dogs find their new family because we believe that second-hand animals make first class pets.

When you adopt a dog you give it a second chance, a loving family, and a happy ending.

Read about our adoption process and check out our available dogs looking for their forever homes!

Our adoption fee is $700 for adult dogs and $800 for puppies under one year. All of our dogs are up to date on vaccinations, sterilized, microchipped, and underlying health concerns have been addressed. 


Please note that only those being considered will be contacted. We do not typically adopt outside of a 2 hour radius from the foster dog. Some exceptions may apply.


Don’t see your match? Email us

We keep all applications on file and often reach out to previous applicants before posting a new dog on the website. 

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Ready to adopt a dog?

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