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Palliative Program

Do you ever wonder what happens to those dogs whose path does not cross ours until much later in their journey through life? We would love to share a bit our Palliative Program and the dogs who are part of it. 

Our hearts are immediately endeared to these deserving souls and we know that they crossed paths with us to ensure that they spend their remaining days; which we hope to be plenty; knowing nothing less than complete unconditional love and devotion. We want them to know all the joys of having a beloved family, a soft bed and a full belly. It Takes A Village continues to provide food, supplies, vetting care, toys and special treats for the dogs but the real heroes here are the foster families. Our remarkable Palliative Foster Families have opened their homes and their hearts to these dogs knowing full well they will one day have to endure the dreaded heartbreak that will inevitably come.

You will find some of our past Palliative Program dogs that have moved on, on our Rainbow Bridge page. 


Date of Birth: September 2010

Snowball found himself having to be rehomed much later in life because the circumstances left no other choice. His family made the selfless decision to send him into the care of It Takes A Village.



Date of Birth: 2012



Date of Birth: 2010

Charlie: Happy boy that loves to go on short walk and sniff every thing he can!! Doesn't mind the company of calm dogs or cats Would not be suitable for an apartment as he does love to bark when left alone or kenneled.

Medical: 13 yrs old with a grade 3 heart murmur.

Still a happy and active senior boy who loves being outside exploring or sitting at your feet snoring!



Date of Birth: September 11, 2013

Maggie (our Little Love Bug) came to us after we were contacted by another rescue in Eastern Quebec when a tragic situation left Maggie and many other dog homeless. Maggie will spend the rest of her life with a loving foster family as part of our village.



Date of Birth: 2014



Date of Birth: 2011



Date of Birth: 2013

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